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Car Keys

We use keys and remotes for everyday security and convenience but technology advancements can make it hard to fix or get an extra set. 

Mister Minit is a world leader in aftermarket car key duplication. We offer diagnostic key duplication for Smart and Proximity keys, Integrated Keys and Remotes, Car Shells, and Car Key Battery Replacement.

Garage & Gate Remotes

The Garage is often the main entry point to the home and is used frequently every day. Ensure you have a spare for your handbag and car, by visiting your local Mister Minit.

 We offer a massive range of Remote Controls for your garage or electric gate that are user friendly and hassle free.

Sharpening Services

Mister Minit is the go to place for sharpening household knives and tools. Specialising in the precision sharpening of culinary and chef knives.

For the avid Gardener we also sharpen a great range of  gardening tools such as axes, hedge shears, chisels and secateurs and much more.

Access Cards/RFID

Do you need a duplicate access card for work, Air BNB apartment, or your building access? Mister Minit duplicates access swipe cards and RFID tags the same as you would duplicate a spare copy of your house key. Duplicating over 95% of all RFID badges, cards and keyrings 13.56mhz to 125khz frequencies instore.