Corporate Engraving Event Activations

Our highly skilled craftsmen will create visual impact, and a lasting unforgettable impression for your customers. Make your event amazing with customised Engraving!

Personalise your event

Engraving is the perfect way to delight your customers at any event or brand launch. Your product becomes a uniquely bespoke piece, whether it’s a lipstick, fragrance, wine or spirit bottle. Even a beautifully scented candle will create visual impact, and a lasting impression amongst your customers when personalised.

We provide engraving craftsman for product launches, branding awareness, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Valentine’s Day and Christmas events.

Corporate Engraving Event Activation Services

We engrave on a wide range of items such as:

stainless steel tea pots and items,
make up brushes,
glassware and pewter, and much more.

Corporate Engraving Event Activation Experts

Minit Commercial can help you with the finer details that ensure the best possible event.

To ensure the correct equipment is brought we require a sample prior to the event which irons out any issues before the event. All of our equipment is tag tested regularly, which is vital from a shopping centre’s perspective. Every event is unique just like the service we provide, which means our dedicated client relationship management is tailored to each client.

Minit Commercial has a network of highly skilled craftsmen and women across Australia and New Zealand. Our management team is here to ensure a smooth event, even across multiple states and countries at the one time. Our experienced events team can provide a range of value add options that will ensure that your brand exposure is maximised.

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