Watch Repairs

Do you have a favourite watch or are you like many that have a collection of many? 
Mister Minit specialise in watch battery and car key battery replacements, pressure testing, worn gaskets and band replacements. Let us help look after them with more detailed repairs such as glass replacement, crown and stem replacement or a full overhaul at selected shops. 

Watch Batteries

The watch is not only able to keep us on time but today it is a gadget that wakes us up, tells us when to sleep, how many kilojoules we have burned and how fast we ran around the block.

With all that functionality a watch battery can wear out and Mister Minit can replace your battery with quality Energizer batteries that come fitted with a 2 Year Guarantee, to keep your watches working as hard as you do.

We can also replace batteries in your remote controls, car keys, car alarms, cameras and hearing aids with a 1 year guarantee.


If you are looking to update your watch with an attractive and long lasting band, Mister Minit has a range of over 80 different styles in sizes 12mm to 42mm. Our on trend range covers all the latest in watchband colours so you can update your watch rather than replace it.

Find genuine leather,
stainless steel,
gold plated,
double stitched and
flexi bands in all widths, lengths and colours to suit your personal style

The Dangers of Button Batteries

Mister Minit wants to remind our valued customers on the dangers of button batteries.
We often have busy lives and can overlook the danger of little batteries lying
around the home within reach of young children.

Many customers are unaware of this danger that lurks when a button battery is swallowed. Batteries can get stuck in children’s throat and burn through the oesophagus within 2 hours. It is vital to get help as soon as possible. 

As a household service provider, we can help educate families and spread the word. In an age of accelerating development and miniaturisation of electronic devices, unsecured button batteries are becoming increasingly accessible to young children. Button batteries are used to power many consumer goods including TV remote controls, cameras, watches, calculators, greeting cards, scales, torches, and many others. They are also being increasingly used in children’s toys, novelty items and LED lights.


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