Name Badges

A name badge helps your customers identify and connect with your team and its a great way to build customer rapport and create client relationships. With Minit Commercial its easy to order new badges for your staff so you can concentrate on other parts of your business.

Elite Pad Printed Badges

Elite pad printed colour badges are perfect for a premium choice for name badges that delivers:

A company logo with an engraved or printed nameAny size or shape badge to your specificationsIdeal for bulk ordering prepaid systems

Digital Printed Badges

Digital Full Colour Badges are perfect for:

Fast set up and production

Colour match any logo, image or photo

Available in two sizes: small 1×3 inch or large 1×3.5 inch.Three base colour options: gold, silver or white.

Engraved Badges

Engraved Badges are perfect for:

2 colour layers, revealed in etching process

3 colour layers available upon request. Colours subject to availability

Striking badges that are long lasting and durable

Available in many colour, shapes, textures and font options.

Featured collection

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