How great is it to have sharp knives ready to chop and cook a delicious dinner or a sharp axe to get the firewood chopped for getting cozy around the winter fire. Mister Minit specialises in knife sharpening and garden tool sharpening in all Mister Minit shops across Australia

Bring 6 Knives or Tools in for sharpening and get the 6th for Free.

Knife Sharpening

Sharpen your chef’s culinary and household knives in-store. Types of knives and blades that can be sharpened

Kitchen Knives
Japanese and Western knives
Sewing and cutting Scissors

Our experienced team will ensure your knives are sharpened, honed, and refined to create a smooth keen edge, that has the right angle and beveled edge for your knife blade. Different knives and blades all require different work methods to help create the sharp edge. At Mister Minit, we are optimising the edge angle for the intended purpose of the knife, ensuring your knife stays sharp for longer.

Gardening Tool Sharpening

We can sharpen all kinds of tools. If your tools are blunt you will be working harder in the garden than you need. By having your  blades sharpened you can ensure safer work practices. Let your tools do the working! Let us fix it for you.

Types of gardening tools and blades that can be sharpened.

Hedge clippers
Gardening Sheers
Pruning shears


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