Worn, slippery or thin soles? Out of shape, uncomfortable or broken heels? From sole repairs and heel replacements to stretching, patching, or stitching, Mister Minit are Australasian shoe repair specialists, offering a range of services at an affordable price.

Heel Tip Replacement

Avoid that cringe-worthy clatter of a broken heel tip, repair the original heel and enhance the look and comfort of the shoe whilst protecting the heel block from damage.

Replacing plastic heel tips with Mister Minit’s Italian made rubber heel tips helps avoid slipping on wet surfaces and cushions each step while also reducing the noise of each footstep.

Come in store to choose from a range of treads for long lasting, non-slip and comfort.

shoe heel replacement

Anti-slip Rubber Soles

Add an anti-slip quality rubber sole to your favourites to reduce the chance of slipping. Different types of soles and colours are available to suit a variety of shoes and boots even your treasured peep toes or Louboutin.

Come into your nearest Mister Minit to check out the perfect sole for your shoe, whether that be our leather soles from Europe or one of our specialist brands that are worthy of your best shoes.

Sole repair

Stitching & Patching

At Mister Minit we assess the best way to get your favourites back into working order. Stitching is used to repair tears and rips to the body or seams of your shoes while patching is used to repair serious damage to shoes by replacing leather.

Shoes that have come away from the soles can often be repaired by adding an extra piece of leather and re-gluing or stitching the piece in.

Monitoring the need of stitching and patching will extend the life of the shoe. For the best results, don’t leave these repairs too long.

stretching shoes


Did you know that leather shoes can be stretched up to half a shoe size! If your shoes are too small, too tight or you have a sore toe, time on a stretching machine could the answer to wearing those shoes instead of leaving them in the cupboard.

Perfect for leather shoes, Mister Minit has a specialised in store stretching service for people with feet issues such as bunions, or where shoes are pressing on toes or other parts of the foot.

Toe Piece Repair

Shoes can eventually become scuffed and worn after repeated use.

At Mister Minit you can have the toe piece replaced in order to make your shoes look as good as new and extend the life of your favourites. Additional add on services are available to have your shoes looking their best again.

Shoe toe repair

Heel Build Up

A worn heel can affect the way you walk, ultimately impacting on your posture. Mister Minit can replace or repair the heel to retain the shape of your shoe and avoid further damage to your favourites.

Simply visit your nearest store and the heel can be fixed while you wait.

shoe heel replacement

Protective Sole

Adding an anti-slip sole to your shoe not only prolongs the life of the shoe but also helps you avoid accidents in wet conditions.

At Mister Minit you’ll find a variety of soles to choose from depending on your shoe type. A quick process, we can repair your shoe while you do your shopping.

shoe sole replacement


Over the life of a shoe seams can become frayed and leather ripped. Stitching is used to repair tears and rips, while patching is used to repair serious damage to shoes by replacing leather.

Monitoring the need of stitching and patching will extend the life of the shoe. Don’t leave these repairs too long, bring them into Mister Minit and wear your favourites for longer.

shoe stitching and repairs


Did you know that leather shoes can be stretched up to half a shoe size! Don’t be uncomfortable or throw away shoes that are just a little too small in the toe or body.

Mister Minit will put your shoes on a stretching machine to make a world of difference to new shoes that are too small or too tight while you wait.

stretching shoes

Toe Piece Replacement

If too much use has lead to your toe piece being scuffed and worn, you can have it replaced to make it look as good as new. This is also a cost effective alternative to a whole new sole.

The toe piece is the front part of the shoe which often wears down quickly, particularly on pointy shoes. Bring your shoes into Mister Minit to add a toe piece and prolong the life of the shoe where it wears the most.

shoe toe piece repair


Mister Minit can fix holes, rips, tears in the upper shoe and heel lining.



Fix broken or undone stitching, a hole in your shoe or frayed treads.



Professional Stretching in store is an overnight service that can help with shoes that are too tight and rub, causing blisters.

Heel Block

Securing Heel Blocks

Shoes that have a wobbly, snapped or lost heel should be repaired before any more damage to the shoe can occur, especially to the shank.
The shank retains the shape of the shoes which prevents the shoe from folding in half so its important to fix the heel before the shank is damaged.

Heel Block recovering

Heel Block Recovering

Mister Minit can fix scratches, tears or chunks missing from the heel leather as well as improve the discolouration of the heel block itself.

Heel build up

Heel Build-ups

Shoes that have a heel worn down on one side can impact on your posture and balance. At Mister Minit we can replace the heel block to keep your shoes performing as they should.



Often when shoes are left in the cupboard for a season the glue can loosen making the upper lift away from the sole. Bring your shoes in to have the upper and sole re-glued while you wait.

Buff and Polishing

Buff & Polish

Mister Minit’s Buff and Polish service is as easy We will clean the shoes, followed by a nourishing polish to add pigment and provide some protection from the elements, and then buff to a shine.

Gusset Repair

Elastic Gusset Replacement

Shoes with an elastic gusset at the ankle can stretch, break or become loose. By replacing the elastic you can keep your boots snug around the ankle and looking smart.
Mister Minit can also replace the elastic on buckles on your shoes and bags.

Buckle repairs

Buckle Replacement

Whether your buckle has fallen off, become loose or needs replacing, Mister Minit can help you fix your shoes and bags.


Strap Repairs

The straps on your shoes and bags can become frayed, discoloured, broken or torn.
Bring them into your nearest Mister Minit store to be fixed while you wait.



Broken eyelets can damage laces and tear leather. At Mister Minit we can replace the eyelets and even makes the holes for laces bigger if you have special laces you want to fit.

colouring shoes


Whether you want to freshen your shoes by re-colouring or would like to update them to go with a new outfit for a special occasion Mister Minit can help.
Bring your shoes in for advice from a trained specialist.

water and stain

Water and Stain Protection

Use our Mister Minit Water and Stain Protector to keep your shoes in top condition or bring them in-store for a professional treatment.
The protection prevents discolouration, water marks, liquid spills and mould or mildew before storing away for winter.

zipper repair jpg

Zipper Repair

Bring your shoes to Mister Minit when you cannot zip up your boots, shoes or bags.
We can fix a worn runner or when the teeth of zipper no longer meet or will not zip up.

premium scratch and polish

Premium Scratch & Polish

Our premium Scratch and Polish Repair service uses only the finest French leather restorer products from Saphir. Saphir products are renowned worldwide for protecting and beautifying all types of leather. They use 30 different kinds of waxes across their products, and refrain from incorporating resin and silicone in the manufacturing of their products.

Premium Scratch and Repair Service

Bring your tired and scruffy shoes into your nearest Mister Minit for an overnight Premium Scratch and Polish Repair Service.

Using the finest European leather restorer products from Saphir you’ll get a new life out of your favourite shoes.


Before & After

Do you have multiple pairs of shoes in your closet waiting for their next outing, but they’re in need of rejuvenation? Is the sole flapping around, are your shoes scuffed and dull looking? Did you nearly slip over in the rain?

Mister Minit specialises in shoe repairs, and has done since 1957. Whether it’s a non slip saver sole, heel tip replacement, shoe stretching or more in depth shoe reviving such as a scratch repair polish, Mister Minit will have you wearing your old favourite shoes in no time at all!

Our shoe repair materials are tried and tested, and of the highest quality. This is to ensure that our repairs last the distance. All of our shoe repairs have a six month wear and workmanship guarantee, giving you piece of mind.

Conveniently located in many of Australia’s favourite shopping centres, you can simply drop your shoes off to be fixed whilst you complete your weekly grocery shop, or that long overdue coffee with friends. There’s no more excuse for shoes not to be worn….. or seen!

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