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Shoe Repair

Worn, slippery or thin soles? Out of shape, uncomfortable or broken heels? From sole repairs and heel replacements to stretching, patching, or stitching, Mister Minit are Australasian shoe repair specialists, offering a range of services at an affordable price.

Mister Minit Shoe Repair Services

Time Poor?
Bring your tired and scruffy shoes into your nearest Mister Minit for an overnight Premium Scratch and Polish Repair Service.

Using the finest European leather restorer products from Saphir you’ll get a new life out of your favourite shoes.

Before and After

Do you have multiple pairs of shoes in your closet waiting for their next outing, but they’re in need of rejuvenation? Is the sole flapping around, are your shoes scuffed and dull looking? Did you nearly slip over in the rain?

Mister Minit specialises in shoe repairs, and has done since 1957. Whether it’s a non slip saver sole, heel tip replacement, shoe stretching or more in depth shoe reviving such as a scratch repair polish, Mister Minit will have you wearing your old favourite shoes in no time at all!

Our shoe repair materials are tried and tested, and of the highest quality. This is to ensure that our repairs last the distance. All of our shoe repairs have a six month wear and workmanship guarantee, giving you piece of mind.

Conveniently located in many of Australia’s favourite shopping centres, you can simply drop your shoes off to be fixed whilst you complete your weekly grocery shop, or that long overdue coffee with friends. There’s no more excuse for shoes not to be worn….. or seen!