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A message from Mister Minit’s CEO Mark Rusbatch

Mister Minit is a long well established business. Whilst our brand been around since 1957 we respect our heritage, we are primarily focussed on building success both today and ensuring this is sustainable over the long term as we head towards our century anniversary. Our business is based on three overriding elements being (1) A first rate Customer Offer, (2) Great People, (3) The Right Infrastructure including shop network and sound systems and processes. Franchising is about having ‘Great People’ to deliver our ‘Offer’. We believe the partnership of a local franchise owner with energy, enthusiasm and skills combined with a franchisor company with a famous brand, operating systems, financial strength and business development capability is extremely powerful. Experience has shown this combination has been successful in different market conditions and resilient in the tougher economy of recent times. Individuals that have the right values, appreciate teamwork and have a strong work and service ethic are likely to be a very good fit in the Mister Minit Business. Many of our franchisees have been part of the Mister Minit Brand for well over 20 years and are more enthusiastic as the years go on. They are highly valued as part of the Mister Minit Family and testament to the enduring sustainability of our business model. If you have the necessary qualities and a strong commitment to be part of an extremely successful Service brand that you can build a business within, then you should give serious consideration to the Mister Minit Franchise Package. Likewise as you work through the process I would strongly encourage you to find out as much as you can about our business. The company is extremely supportive of its franchisees and is committed to maximising the likelihood of the success of both existing and new franchisees to the system. Best wishes, Mark Rusbatch Chief Executive Officer

Become a Franchisee

We provide a workplace that comes with attractive rewards and a culture of celebrating performance results. We are proud of our ongoing commitment to invest in our Franchisees. Every Franchisee has a structured competency based program that is conducted on the job. After completing the basic skills program, each team member is coached on advanced, technical, sales and leadership skills that enhance their performance.

Why a Mister Minit Franchise?

  1. Mister Minit has brand heritage since 1957 in business and is the market leader in its industry.
  2. There is a low entry fee stock value plus training, under $50,000k
  3. The Franchise shop is established with a trading record and existing customer base.
  4. The Franchise fee is fixed (reduces risk) rather than variable and therefore lifts sales performance and has the potential to provide higher incremental returns to the franchisee.
  5. There are no extra charges – marketing, fit out costs.
  6. Mister Minit supplies stock at wholesale prices and bulk purchasing savings are passed to the Franchisee.
  7. Mister Minit holds the head lease.
  8. Mister Minit delivers dedicated support, training and development.
  9. Mister Minit has a first rate franchise package that maximises commercial returns of Franchisees.
  10. Mister Minit has won major Franchisor awards and was recognised as a top franchising system in Australia and in New Zealand.

Supporting our Franchisees

Mister Minit offers highly developed and comprehensive Franchisee support systems encompassing all aspects of a Minit business.
  • Quality + best practice Field Management support
  • Operations and Management training
  • Sales planning, analysis and bench marking
  • Key performance indicators
  • Store layout and design
  • Inventory management – will supply stock
  • Local area marketing
  • Public relations
  • Employee relations
  • Marketing, Advertising and promotions
  • Financial Advice.
  • The ongoing relationship includes:
  • Regular visits from your Regional Manager
  • Regular Franchise Training sessions
  • National Franchisee Conference and Awards night
  • Regular newsletters
  • MINIT Masters club – Franchisee Champions
Regular contact with Support Office on any business matter, be it Finance, Marketing, property, Payroll, Human Resources or Logistics.

Unlock your Franchise opportunity

  • Express your interest online
  • Mister Minit will make contact with you
  • Fill in an application form
  • Phone discussions with Minit contact
  • Visit Mister Minit shops and talk to franchisees
  • Self-assessment profile
  • Formal interview
  • Franchisee Documentation
  • Franchisee Kit
  • Your Future unlocked and Training commences

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