Create a Unique Gift with Engraving for any Occasion…

Creating a unique gift for friends and family is what gift giving is all about. Engraving is the perfect way to personalise any gift.

There are times where I’m stumped for unique ideas for that perfect gift, and it’s pointless reinventing the wheel- especially if mum wants the latest bottle of perfume. So how do you take a generic bottle of perfume, vase, and even the occasional card and turn it into something special? With engraving of course!

Experienced engravers can engrave on a large range of materials such as glass, metal and crystal. This means anyone can create a unique gift with engraving. From perfume bottles, vases, rings, watches and other jewellery items, mirrors, pens, lipsticks and other cosmetics, wine bottles*, plates and tags and the list goes on. One could even replace the usual Hallmark card with an engraved keepsake attached with a beautifully tied bow or ribbon attached to the present to really make a lasting impact!

Here are some of the things I’ve had engraved for my loved ones… including the furry ones!

* Some wine bottles are unable to be engraved on, including pressurised or sparkling wine bottles.