How to prolong your watch – Mister Minit’s Top 5 tips

For any Watch Connoisseur, protecting your time pieces is crucial.

In my household there is the “shoe lover” and the “watch connoisseur”. Mister Minit’s top 5 tips to prolong your watch:

1. Do not expose your watch to extreme heat such as showers or spas as the heat causes the metal parts to expand at a different rate than the rubber gaskets, and can lead to mechanical failure inside the watch. The heat creates small openings that can allow water droplets to penetrate the watch.

2. Exposure to environments such as chlorinated pools, salt water, soap from showering can accelerate drying of the gasket. If your watch is water resistant, and exposed to these elements, ensure the gasket is changed every 6-18 months depending on how often it is exposed to these agents, or replace the gaskets when you have the watch pressure tested.

3. After swimming or diving in salt water, rinse your watch thoroughly in fresh water. If your watch has a rotating bezel, turn several times while rinsing it.

4. Some chemicals, heavily chlorinated water, perfume and hair spray can work their way into the watches seams and cause corrosion to the gaskets. The elements can also dull the finish of your watch. Have your watch professionally cleaned every 12 months to clean away any build up/residue of skin and grime, and polish to a shine.

5. Check for symptoms such as losing time or inconsistent ticking. In most cases this means your battery needs to be replaced, or your watch may be due for a service.

In my household there is the “shoe lover” and the “watch connoisseur”. I would say my other half is single handily keeping the watch industry alive… but then again, I suppose he could say the same about my shoe and nail polish collection in all honesty.

Just as with a pair of shoes, it’s important to look after your latest time piece to prolong the life of your latest investment by following Mister Minit’s 5 simple steps: