How to Look After Leather Shoes

For all the ladies who too love pointed shoes from kid leather, to suede, Mister Minit’s top 5 tips for looking after your leather pointed shoes this Autumn Winter include:

1. Start with a toe piece, this will reinforce the point area protecting the leather as this area typically wears first. Add a protector sole to new shoes, this will prolong the life of your shoes and also protect the leather at the point of the shoe.


2. More often than not, shoes are now made with plastic heel tips. These are an accident waiting to happen! Replace plastic heel tips with rubber heel tips as soon as you can, this will prevent you from slipping over in the wet!


3. Water and stain protector is your new BFF….. trust me I’m speaking from experience! Apply a water and stain protector to new shoes (VERY important), and re-apply throughout the season, and to older shoes too. This is the best way to look after leather shoes, and will prevent water damage staining the leather. Especially suede or nubuck shoes (needless to say I’ve learnt my lesson…. The hard way)

Tip: Water and Stain Protector can be used as a stand alone product on shoes and bags. Read the directions first, and always test in an inconspicuous place first.


4. If you have invested in pointy shoes previously, they are probably in need of some TLC before this Autumn/Winter. A leather conditioner is a great way to revive, soften and protect your leather shoes for the conditions ahead. Don’t forget to apply your water and stain protector to your shoes, after they’ve been conditioned to ensure you don’t have any disasters either!


5. Is patent leather a favourite? Me too! Try Shu Glo it’s perfect to remove those pesky scuff marks!

How to look after leather shoes

As the temperatures continue to drop, and you slip on those stunning, well cared for point shoes; whether it’s for work, a dinner date or a chic night out with the girls, think of me. I envy you and your fantastic looking shoes,