Suede & Nubuck Care

Suede and Nubuck are delicate leathers benefiting from regular care to keep looking their best.

Used for shoes, jackets, bags and upholstery this textured material has open pores which are prone to absorbing liquids. Luckily Mister Minit can help you protect your items and extend their life into the future.

Suede & Nubuck Tips


A must have tool is the Suede and Nubuck Brush, this will help lift off dirt and ensure the nap of the suede is laying in the same direction. Always brush from the toe to the back of the shoe.


Spray with Mister Minit Suede & Nubuck Mousse Cleaner from 16cm to 18cm away.


Wait for 30 seconds as the suede absorbs the cleaner then wipe firmly with a slightly damp cloth. Repeat if necessary, and dry at room temperature. Finally, raise the nap of the suede with a suede and nubuck brush, brushing from the back to the toe.

Suede & Nubuck Colouring


To refresh colour or pigment, try our Mister Minit Suede & Nubuck Reviver.

Apply the pigment with the sponge applicator to the area you wish to treat. Apply generously and allow to dry.

A range of colours are available to refresh suede and nubuck pigment to keep then looking like new.


Apply Mister Minit Suede & Nubuck Dye in a well ventilated area. Test the dye first by applying in an inconspicuous place.  


Allow to air dry. Raise the nap using Mister Minit Suede & Nubuck brush. Protect the shoes by spraying Mister Minit Water & Stain Protector.

Repeated and excessive applications of the dye may result in a certain amount of dye rubbing off.


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