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Active cards, smart cards & more

Today the Radio-Frequency IDentification card comes with a broad range of names commonly known as proximity cards, active cards, smart cards, passive cards, access cards or RFID tags.

These type of RFID enabled cards are becoming increasingly popular to access residential complexes, gyms and corporate buildings where a traditional single or double sided key would be used previously.

RFID tags can now be duplicated onto a range of smaller tags, fun keyrings, phone cases and even incorporated into a car key.

RFID tags

Duplicating RFID cards

Duplicating RFID cards or tags is done under the same premise as key cutting. ‘Restricted’ or ‘Do Not Duplicate’ labelled tags are not copied but if the RFID card is for your own home or office and is just a duplication of an existing card, a spare card or tag grabbing a spare tag is easy!

Please note RFID duplication is limited to some stores.