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Key Cutting

The family home is where our loved ones live, sleep, eat and share time; and where we store our prized possessions.

Keys give access to the home, and to everything we value. Keys unlock the door to our lives, our kids, our parents, our pets, our cars, bikes and toys. Mister Minit partners with the world’s largest, oldest and most famous maker of keys, SILCA of Italy.

Together we ensure when you get a spare key precision cut from Mister Minit, it won’t snap or break, and it will open your treasure just like the original one.

Ultralite Keys

Carrying a large bunch of keys is no problem with Ultralite keys.

Made of a titanium alloy, these bright and distinctive keys are light-weight and hard wearing and come in a range of anodised colours to help you distinguish between each key.

Funkey Collectable Keys

Our Funkey collectables domestic key range are exclusive to Mister Minit. These limited edition key ranges are designed in Australia and made in Italy by Silca, the number one key manufacturer in the world. Collect all your favourite Disney characters, Tinkerbelle, Disney Princesses, Pooh, Ariel and friends and many more.

Glow Keys

Our most popular neon coloured key collection, Glow Keys can make it easy to identify your keys for your home or work place. As with all our house keys Mister Minit gives you an unconditional guarantee on the operation of the key. Come in store to see the full range and have your keys updated.