Smooth Leather

Smooth leather has a natural, rich and polished look worth caring for.

Whether it be your shoes, bags, clothing or even your furniture the natural fibres of leather break down over time and need looking after. Mister Minit has advice to make the most of your leather so you can step out with confidence and nice shoes.

Smooth Leather Tips


Remove scuff marks and stains with SHU GLO.
Eliminate most marks on leather and patent leather shoes whilst increasing the suppleness and life of the leather.


Treat leather every month with Mister Minit Leather Conditioner.

Did you know leather is like your skin and requires moisturising to stop from drying out?


After removing dirt and grime, use a good polish to restore pigment and lustre.

Mister Minit Renovating Polish is perfect and available in a range of colours too!


Buff using our Premium Horse Hair Brushes this will help restore lustre without scratching the surface.


Finish with a protector, and continually apply every 6-8 wears.

Mister Minit Water & Stain Protector is ideal for your shoes, boots, bags and clothing, protecting them from water and oil based stains.

Smooth Leather Colouring


Use Mister Minit Stripper to remove the glaze on leather footwear prior to re-colouring.


Tightly pack the article with paper to smooth out creases and wrinkles before re colouring.

Apply your chosen Mister Minit Colour Change sparingly using the brush provided. Ensure strokes are even and light for the first coat, brushing from the back to the toe in one long stroke.

Repeat as per directions on bottle and allow to dry overnight.


Condition and nourish with Mister Minit Renovating Polish in the same colour.

Apply with a Mister Minit or Miss Minit Microfibre Cloth. Leave to dry and then polish to a shiny gloss with a polishing cloth.


Apply Mister Minit Water & Stain Protector to protect against moisture, water, spills and dirt.

Repeat every 6-8 wears.


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