Patent Leather

The mirror-like finish of patent leather makes it perfect for formal occasions.

To avoid any scuff marks Mister Minit has tips to ensure your shoes are beautiful and shiny all year round.

Patent Leather Tips


Scuff marks are hard to remove from patent leather shoes, bags and wallets as leather is covered with a plastic to give it a high shine.

Using a Miss Minit Microfibre Cloth, apply a small amount of Shu Glo and rub marks until they disappear. Finish by polishing off the remaining product. Shu Glo also aids in waterproofing and protecting the articles.


To add a nice shine apply our Patent Ultra Shine, again using a Miss Minit Microfibre Cloth.

Leave product on the article momentarily to soak in, then polish off to a great shine.


If you have taken a chunk out of your patent leather shoes, touch up with a colour texta and coat with clear nail polish.

For military style shoes try Mister Minit Hi Shine which is great for a super shiny finish.


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