Suede Heel Grips
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Suede Heel Grips


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Suede Heel Grips are soft genuine suede leather grip that will help you comfortably fit your shoes in the heel. In addition, they provide a Non-slip grip to keep your shoes firmly in place by having an adhesive back to adhere to the inside of your shoes. Using Mister Minit Suede Heel Grips will protect your heels against uncomfortable blisters, chafing and slipping, and bring extra life to your hosiery. Are your shoes in need of some TLC? Don’t have time to clean your shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Visit our Mister Minit Stores and ask us about our Shoe Cleaning/Repair Services CONTENTS:      2 pairs   APPLICATION: Fitting Aid Ideal for closed in shoes. For bulk purchases, please contact us directly with your enquiry Click Here   DIRECTIONS: Peel heel grips from backing tape and affix into the back of shoes. Smooth down. Sticks instantly. TIP: Avoid Extreme Temperatures. Don’t place leather items near heaters or air conditioners, as it will hasten the drying process. Force drying leather continually overtime, will dry the leather out and eventually it will crack. Pack the shoe with newspaper to help draw out moisture, and keep the shape of the shoe as it dries. Allow the items to dry naturally