Sneaker Doctor Waterless Foam Cleaner


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Sneaker Doctor Waterless Foam Cleaner is the best foaming cleaner for your sneakers. Our gentle cleaning foam is formulated to remove dirt and stains from athletic and hiking shoes. Sneaker Doctor Waterless Foam Cleaner is great on most materials including Suede, leather, fabric shoes, boots, hats, jackets and bags. No more mess with water or unnecessary steps and no more wasted product. You can’t go wrong with this great Mister Minit product. Are your shoes/sneakers in need of some TLC? Don’t have time to clean your shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Visit our Mister Minit Stores and ask us about our Sneaker Cleaning Services SIZE:                118ml COLOUR:      Tinted light green liquid   For bulk purchases, please contact us directly with your enquiry Click Here   APPLICATION: Waterless Foam Cleaner is a foaming solution that cleans, removes dirt and most stains from athletic and hiking shoes. Use on Suede, Leather, Fabric Shoes, Boots, hats, jackets and bags. Safe for most dry clean only fabrics.   DIRECTIONS: Use a brush to remove dust and dirt from shoes. Apply cleaning foam directly to shoe. Let the foam sit for 30 seconds. Wipe clean with a microfiber or terry cloth. Allow shoes to dry before use.   CAUTION: May lift some colour off of suede materials. Always test in an inconspicuous space first as with all cleaners. Keep out of reach of children   Recyclable Packaging Biodegradable Ingredients
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