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Pressure Zone Insole


Mister Minit Pressure Zone Insoles are a high performing fitting aid for use in footwear requiring added comfort or cushioning. Each insole is made using Memory Foam Latex that adapts to the shape of your feet every day. There is a microfibre top layer to absorb sweat and keep feet dry under the toughest conditions. The viscoelastic foam moulds itself to the pressure zones on the football, heel and arch. Mister Minit Pressure Zone Insoles are designed to absorb impact shocks when walking or running for maximum comfort. Each insole is made to cover several shoe sizes allowing you to simply trim them to the correct size for your needs. CONTENTS:      1 pair SIZE: Size 36-39, Size 40-43, Size 44-47. APPLICATION: Fitting Aid Extra comfort supporting insole – Ball, Heel and Arch support. Ideal for situations that put the pressure on your feet, such as long periods of standing or walking. DIRECTIONS: Start by cutting the insole to your shoe size. If unsure of your size, place a foot on the insole and compare that to the size of your shoe bed. Trim to fit. Place trimmed insole into footwear securely from heel to toe. Trim again if required. Wear leather side next to the foot. For more information contact us 

Size 36-39, Size 40-43, Size 44-47

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