Patent Ultra Shine Neutral
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Patent Ultra Shine Neutral


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Patent Ultra Shine Neutral is a polish that cleans, renovates and buffs patent leather to a brilliant shine. You want your Patent Leather shoes to always look the brilliant best. Patent Ultra Shine Neutral has a smooth, creamy consistency for easy application. Furthermore, our formula nourishes patent leather and removes surface scuff marks on your favorite patent leather or synthetic shoes, handbag or garment. Are your shoes in need of some TLC? Don’t have time to clean your shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Visit our Mister Minit Stores and ask us about our Shoe Cleaning/Repair Services   SIZE:                75mL COLOUR:         Neutral   For bulk purchases, please contact us directly with your enquiry Click Here   APPLICATION: For patent leather and most synthetics, nourishes and protects patent leather.   DIRECTIONS: Test in an inconspicuous place first. Remove dust from surface. Apply polish to patent leather article with a soft polishing cloth and work into patent leather. Leave momentarily. Buff to a brilliant shine using a dry, soft polishing cloth. Repeat as required   HELPFUL TIPS: DO NOT use on suede or nubuck. Don’t place leather furniture near heaters or air conditioners, as it will hasten the drying process. Force drying leather continually overtime, will dry the leather out and eventually it will crack.