Leather Conditioner
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Leather Conditioner


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Mister Minit Leather Conditioner gently cleans and conditions all types of smooth, natural and imitation leathers, patent and synthetic materials. Our lanolin-based formula conditions nourish and beautify leather garments, accessories and furnishings. The leather conditioner also assists in waterproofing and protecting your favourite shoes, bags or garments. Mister Minit Leather Conditioner does not contain any pigments so it is neutral and suitable for all shoes, bags and garments of almost any colour. Care should always be taken with light coloured items especially.   APPLICATION: Ideal for all smooth and grained leather, imitation leathers, patent and synthetic materials with a smooth finish.   SIZE:                100ml   COLOUR:         NEUTRAL   DIRECTIONS: Always test in an inconspicuous place first. Remove dust and dirt from the surface with a soft brush or cloth. Shake well before use. Apply sparingly and evenly with a soft cloth. Remove surplus with a dry cloth to lift off soil and stains. Do not rub. When dry, buff lightly. Replace cap tightly.   HELPFUL TIPS: DO NOT use on suede or nubuck. For more information contact us