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Leather Wash by Leather Therapy


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Leather Therapy’s Leather Wash is an all-purpose advanced leather cleaning solution. Most importantly formulated to remove soil, mould, mildew and stains from all smooth and grained leathers. Furthermore, The PH Neutral formula leaves the leather alkaline free. Amazingly, The Leather Wash micro-sudsing action lifts out embedded dirt without leaving surface deposits or scum.  Use light applications of Leather Therapy Leather Wash on dirty leather and allow the cleaning ingredients to lift the dirt away. Because the micro-suds contain beneficial lubricants it is not necessary to wipe away all excess. Above all, Leather Wash is a highly effective cleaner and will do excellent job cleaning leather furniture, shoes & boots, auto interiors, soiled pet collars, gloves and smooth leather garments. A small amount diluted in warm water will safely clean just about anything in the house and garage. SIZE:                236ML APPLICATION: All-purpose advanced leather cleaning solution for all smooth and grained leathers. Removes soil, mould, mildew and stains. DO NOT use on suede.   DIRECTIONS: TEST in a hidden area first. DO NOT use on suede. Will not stain clothing. Spray Leather Was on a clean sponge or soft cloth for normal maintenance. Do NOT saturate the leather. Use light applications of the leather wash on dirty leather and allow the cleaning ingredients in Leather Wash to lift the dirt. Regular Maintenance with leather therapy Leather Restorer will inhibit mould and mildew from returning. HELPFUL TIPS: DO NOT use on suede. Will not stain clothing. Treat new leather gently. Delicate leather dye’s take time to set. TO minimise dye loss while cleaning new leather, do not rub hard or use abrasive cloth. Note: Body oil and stains may become a permanent part of leather if not protected and may be impossible to remove. Lightly clean with leather wash – then even out the stain by applying Leather Therapy Leather Restorer. CAUTION: DO NOT use on suede. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, in the case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water.   For more information contact us 
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