Instant Shoe Shine Sponge
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Instant Shoe Shine Sponge


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Mister Minit Instant Shoe Shine Sponge cleans and polishes your leather shoes, handbags, or garments in one action. The sponge applicator contains silicone oils and waxes to give a superior high gloss finish to all smooth leather and synthetic shoes. Our pigment-free shoe sponge will give your shoes an immediate shine regardless of the colour. The handy protective case means you can take with you when you travel for work or play and keep your shoes looking great.     SIZE:                97mm x 57mm x 47mm   COLOUR:         Neutral  
Suitable for smooth leather and smooth synthetics.  
Test in an inconspicuous place first. Remove surface dust and dirt from the shoe. Press pad onto the footwear or article to be treated Apply a light even coat of instant shine. Do not rub in. Leave shoes to dry before wearing.  
Store the right way up. DO NOT use on suede or nubuck.   Contact us for more information on the Mister Minit Instant Shine Shoe Sponge