Booty Shapers
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Booty Shapers


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Booty Shapers are a simple and attractive way to protect boots all year round. Boots are an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe in winter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a city girl or cowgirl, it’s worth looking after them. Boots sag when they’re not worn, resulting in creasing and premature wear. With Booty Shapers, the inflatable boot supports slip into boots when stored in a cupboard, box or – heaven forbid – tossed in the bedroom corner. Are your shoes in need of some TLC? Don’t have time to clean your shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Visit our Mister Minit Stores and ask us about our Shoe Cleaning/Repair Services For bulk purchases, please contact us directly with your enquiry Click Here DIRECTIONS: Inflate the Booty Shaper and insert into your favourite boots while in storage. Perfect for knee high boots.