120cm Leather Brown Laces
120cm Leather Brown Laces
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120cm Leather Brown Laces


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120cm Leather Brown Laces are designed to meet all your laces needs, including for School, Work or Play. Our range of laces will fit most footwear styles and applications. 120cm Leather Brown Laces will give life and flair to your favorite pair of sneakers or runners, the kids school shoes, your work or dress shoes, or hiking boots, we have the lace that fits your needs. Are your shoes in need of some TLC? Don’t have time to clean your shoes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Visit our Mister Minit Stores and ask us about our Shoe Cleaning/Repair Services CONTENTS:     1 pair- ideal for shoes with 7-8 eyelets on each side. Made for boating and deck shoes, can be cut to size without fraying.   LENGTHS, STYLES & COLOURS: 60cm Fine Round Black 75cm Fine Round Black & Brown 90cm Waxed Black 90cm Fine Round Black & Brown 100cm Corded Black & Brown 100cm Sports Round Black 120cm Track Flat Black & White 120cm Sports Oval Black, White & Grey 120cm Sports Round Black & White 120cm Hiker, Black/Yellow 120cm Leather Black & Brown 150cm Hiker Black & Brown