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Need a Spare Car Key? ACT NOW before you lose the only key you’ve got!

In a recent online survey 32% of respondents don’t have a spare car key, and the number 1 reason for not having a spare car key (scarily enough) is ‘Because I don’t need one’ (47%). With Christmas officially over for another year, and many of us enjoying some R n R with our loved ones (belly full of course), how many of you could afford to part with up to $2000 at this time of year, to have new keys written to the body control unit of your car, boat or motorbike? I know that I don’t! And if I did, I would prefer to spend that amount of money on making something delicious for my family, or buying myself that dachshund that I’ve been wanting for years! If your current key for your motorbike, boat or car is cracked, broken or worn out, relying on one/original key is definitely a recipe for disaster. Car keys aren’t what they used to be. These days, car keys are high tech, high security electronic immobilisation devices that prevent the bad guys stealing your car. They are made up of multiple technologies integrated into the one key. The integration of multiple technologies and utilising key aspects of the vehicle systems has made the humble car key more secure than ever. The process of duplicating modern car keys has also evolved, to ensure quality, and maintaining the high level of security, a process including precision key cutting, transponder programming as well as programming of the keyless entry system. The evolution of the car key has come a long way in the last decade. The advancement in automotive security technology has sustained a steady decrease in light vehicle theft in Australia each year. Whilst car key technology is continually improving, the downside to this is if you were to lose your only working key, the cost to get a spare set written to your car is extremely high, and can be totally avoided! 1 working car key + 0 spares = time, money and grief! 2018 New Year’s Resolution, new car key is going to the top of the list! Check out our massive range of car keys