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The family home is where our loved ones live, sleep, eat and share time; and where we store our prized possessions.
Keys give access to the home, and to everything we value. Keys unlock the door to our lives, our kids, our parents, our pets, our cars, bikes and toys.

Mister Minit partners with the world’s largest, oldest and most famous maker of keys, SILCA of Italy.
Together we ensure when you get a spare key precision cut from Mister MINIT, it won’t snap or break, and it will open your treasure just like the original one. Try us today in one of over 300 local communities.



These compact combination locks are suitable for a range of uses, thanks to their special locking system. Applications include securing items of luggage, tool boxes or lockers in sports clubs and schools.



Brass is one of the most common materials used for padlocks because it can never rust. Therefore, brass padlocks can be found in many different places all around the world and especially in outdoor applications.
Perfect for the shed, gates, letterboxes and securing your belongings.

ABUS Padlock - Titalium (6)


Made from an innovative material, Titalium padlocks represent high security at a significantly reduced weight.

The TITALIUM™ material is a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines a high level of torsion with lightness, concentrating on two fundamental qualities: maximum strength and low weight. This contemporary material implementation is reflected in the design of the products that features a stainless steel-like finish.

Aluminum Padlocks - colours


Aluminium padlocks are suitable for a variety of applications. They are handy, lightweight and protect your valuables reliably.

Available in a range of colours, these locks will ensure the security of all your cherished belongings.