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Letters from Italy- Guten Tag from Germany….

Guten tag from Germany (my first German word), After 8 episodes of Season 4 Game of Thrones, 4x soppy movies, 1x trashy celebrity mag, 1x fashion mag-Harper’s Bazaar, and a few chapters of the book; ‘The Real Life MBA’, I’m finally here! WHHOOO HHHOOO! A little tired, I’m here in Dusseldorf, Germany.  I’m very glad […]

Mister Minit’s own Real People, Fixing a very big Problem: Operation re-build Queensgate, NZ in time for Christmas

In November 2016 another severe earthquake rocked New Zealand, with tremors being felt as far as Auckland. Among the cities to fare the worst was Wellington, which incurred significant damage including the destruction of part of the Queensgate Shopping Centre. The large shopping complex in central Lower Hutt continues to remain partially closed with many […]

Need a Spare Car Key? ACT NOW before you lose the only key you’ve got!

In a recent online survey 32% of respondents don’t have a spare car key, and the number 1 reason for not having a spare car key (scarily enough) is ‘Because I don’t need one’ (47%). With Christmas officially over for another year, and many of us enjoying some R n R with our loved ones […]