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Car Key: Stranded Part Two- ‘The Girl with a Little Blue Car…’

There once was a girl with a little blue car. Like any girl, she would rather spend her money on anything but her car. She managed with the one car key for quite a long time, and never thought anything of it.

On a cold and dark winter’s night, on her way to the gym, the key gets stuck in the lock, and bends as she keeps running as she hurries to get inside. As she pulls the key out, to her horror it’s bent at a 45 degree angle.


In panic, she tries to straighten the blade by bending the key in the other direction while in the lock, but in the process causes the blade to snap off completely…… AAARRRGGGHHH!

Did I mention this was her only car key?


At this stage there is nothing you can do other than call road side assistance and call your knight in shining armour to collect you and take you home, which is exactly what the girl with the little blue car did. Luckily in this fairy tale the girl with the little blue car has friends in high places who knew a few tricks of the trade. With her lesson learned, she lives happily ever after… along with her sushi!

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The End

Unfortunately not all of us will be as lucky as the girl with the little blue car. If anyone has lost their only car key, or it’s been damaged will understand the havoc, frustration and the unforeseen cost it will cause.

Although a hypothetical scenario, Car Key Stranded Part One highlights the very real ramifications of only having one working car key… and not to mention the costs are also VERY real!

If you’re someone with one working car key, ask yourself do you have a spare $2000.00 plus, to have another set of keys written to the body control model of your car? Can you afford a couple of days away from your job or business until the car keys can be written to your car?

If your answer is no, for more information please click here Spare Car Key

  • Dedicated to the girl with the little blue car, thank you for sharing your story.