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Letters from Italy- Guten Tag from Germany….

Guten tag from Germany (my first German word), After 8 episodes of Season 4 Game of Thrones, 4x soppy movies, 1x trashy celebrity mag, 1x fashion mag-Harper’s Bazaar, and a few chapters of the book; ‘The Real Life MBA’, I’m finally here! WHHOOO HHHOOO! A little tired, I’m here in Dusseldorf, Germany. I’m very glad […]

Create a Unique Gift with Engraving for any Occasion…

Creating a unique gift for friends and family is what gift giving is all about. Engraving is the perfect way to personalise any gift. There are times where I’m stumped for unique ideas for that perfect gift, and it’s pointless reinventing the wheel- especially if mum wants the latest bottle of perfume. So how do […]

Car Key: Stranded Part One

Owning a car is one of the most costly items in our life! There are ongoing fuel and maintenance costs, car registration and not to mention THOSE unexpected car related crises which usually happen when we’re saving up for that European holiday, or this year’s latest pair of boots. I know where I’d much rather […]

Car Key: Stranded Part Two- ‘The Girl with a Little Blue Car…’

There once was a girl with a little blue car. Like any girl, she would rather spend her money on anything but her car. She managed with the one car key for quite a long time, and never thought anything of it. On a cold and dark winter’s night, on her way to the gym, […]

The Shoe Fairy Godmother…

I love my shoes, and they’re all my favourites (just ask me). My Mother always liked to point out that “I only have two feet, and can only wear one pair at a time”, but I like to think of myself as a forward thinker. It’s pretty obvious one can only wear one pair at […]